The Brazilian Paola Reis was the only one who could repeat the victory in rounds three and four of the BMX Latin American Cycling Cup, held this weekend in Indaiatuba, Brazil, where the hosts won six of the eight titles in dispute. .

This important continental competition is one of the events on the 2023 calendar that award points for the ranking that will define the representatives of Brazilian BMX at the 2024 Olympic Games.

The two women’s contests, in the elite category, had the same winner: Paola Reis. She first took the gold medal in the third round joined on the podium by host Caroline Vitoria Rossi and Chilean Rocio Pizarro Araujo. For the closing of Sunday, Paola dominated ahead of her teammates Priscilla Andreia Stevaux and Eduarda Karoline

Sampaio Pereira.

As for the elite for men, on the first day Brazil won gold and bronze through Bruno Andrade and Samuel Pereira; while the Colombian Juan Esteban Naranjo was in a silver that improved on Sunday with the title in the fourth round. There he was escorted by the Chilean Mauricio Molina and the Venezuelan Vladimir Rodríguez.

The other titles for the local troops corresponded to the juniors Guylherme Paradellas Queiroz and Lucas Moresco Zimmermann, as well as Vicente César García in the sub 23 of the third round. In that same category, Chile got the only gold this weekend through Benjamin Vergara Pinna.

This Latin American BMX Cycling Cup still has six stops left, distributed in rounds of two for Ecuador, Aruba and Chile, the latter as part of the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in October-November.