BOGOTÁ. The Colombian cyclist Rafael Gutiérrez confirmed this weekend that he is the ‘King of America’ in the Down Hill modality of the Mountain Bike, when crowned champion of the Pan American that was fulfilled in the Cerro Bayo track of Villa La Angostura, in the province of Neuquén, in Patagonia. Argentina.

For the third consecutive year, and for the first time outside of Colombia, since he had already been champion in Paipa-2017 and Manizales-2018, the Caldense won the Pan-American crown, this time in front of Brazilians Douglas Vieira and Lucas de Borba.

The youngest of the Gutiérrez dynasty recorded a time of 2: 44.918, which meant a new record for the Argentine track, with four seconds difference over Vieira (2: 48.859) and a little over five compared to the fact by De Borba (2: 50,522).

“The nerves were always up, but I got a really good descent, despite a couple of scares because I was under pressure, because the track was different from the training, in fact, it was only possible to train once and it was five hours before the final, then it was like guessing where to squeeze, but I had an impressive desire to win and I am very happy to get it, “said Rafael.

After this great weekend, Rafael is already traveling to Barcelona (Spain), where he will be concentrating a week to prepare the start of the UCI World Cup season, which will take place on April 27 and 28, in Maribor, Slovenia, to Then return to Colombia and continue the preparation for the rest of the year. ( / José Manuel Zabala)



1. Gajdosech, Gonzalo 02:51.899

2. Descalzo, Facundo +00:03.807

3. Trujillo, Carlos +00:04:818

4. Giasson, Ismael +00:14.849

5. Huerta, Mauricio +00:16.318

6. Rayas, Christopher +00:22.381

7. Vaca, Augusto +00:23.714

8. Sánchez, Camilo +00:26.770

9. García, Santiago +00:32.696

10. Muena, Nazareno +00:32.846


1. Gutiérrez, Rafael 02:44.918

2. Vieira, Doublas +00:03.941

3. De Borba, Lucas +00:05.604

4. Vieira, Roger +00:06.201

5. Páez, Jerónimo +00:06.812

6. Ferreira, Pedro +00:06.860

7. Jeria, Cristian +00:08.510

8. Caerols, Alejandro +00:08.851

9. Pradella, Maicon +00:09.619

10. Jarrin, Mario +00:09.787


1. Nogueira, Camilo 03:27.428

2. Anjari, Andre +00:13.538

3. Farías, Andrea +00:14.065

4. Benavides, Valentina +00:21.215

5. Dromundo, Lorena +00:44.511

6. Gildemeister, Fernando +00:44.823

7. Wiese, Renata +00:49.289

8. García, Lorena +00:57.533

9. Gallego, Melissa +01:10.627

10. Neumann, Daniela +02:14.187

11. Angulo, María José +02:22.732

12. Toledo, Natalia +02:42.689

13. Obrechet, Constanza +03:52.119


27 y 28 de abril: Maribor, Eslovenia

1 y 2 de junio: Fort William, Escocia

8 y 9 de junio: Leogang, Austria

6 y 7 de julio: Vallnord, Andorra

13 y 14 de julio: Les Gets, Francia

3 y 4 de agosto: Val di Sole, Italia

10 y 11 de agosto: Lenzerheide, Suiza

31 de agosto y 1 de septiembre: UCI MTB World Championships – Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canadá

7 y 8 de septiembre: Snowshoe, United States