GUATEMALA. Biker’s from Colombia, Mexico, Aruba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, competed in the UCI BMX Championship, on the track, Malena Bike, with victory of the Colombian Carlos Ramírez and Shanayah Howell of Aruba, in the category éltie.

The Olympic medalist and former World Champion, Carlos Alberto Ramírez, beat his rivals in the 3 qualifying rounds and the final, the second box was for Kevin Mireless of Mexico and the third position for Feddisson Flanders of Aruba, the best Guatemalan was Sergio Marroquin, who occupied the fifth square.

Shanayah Howell of Aruba takes the first box, the second position for Pamela Quintana of Mexico and best national and third overall, Andrea Gonzales. The event was directed by the International Commissioner, Ángel Calderón, with the assistance of the national commissioner, Rocío Dubón and the school of national commissioners.

The best cyclists left the starter 8 meters high by 12 wide and a fall of 21 meters approximately, measures Malena Bike Track. Jumping on each of the obstacles, doubles, triples and tables.

The bicicrosista took care of each space of the track so as not to collide with each other, imposing a lot of force on the legs and hands, technical stability was key at the time of going through the three cantons of the track, to conquer the first places.

Guatemala ends the official Bicicross season, there were 2 UCI dates and 2 dates of the Central American Championship, organized by the Guatemalan Cycling Federation and the National Bicicross Association, in addition to 10 regular dates during 2018, there was also international warm-up with the national teams, winning a bronze medal with María Isabel Méndez in Barranquilla. (Nery Ajsivinac / Press F.G.C)