In a lively mountainous stage, Jeisson Casallas (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), won the third fraction of the Clásico RCN-Banco Agrario 2023, contested between Socorro and Tunja over 163 kilometers, on a route full of climbs.

The rider from Boyacá, who achieved his first victory in this edition of the “Duel of the Titans”, withstood the onslaught of the lot and took the victory ahead of Daniel Méndez (EPM-GO RIGO GO) and Aldemar Reyes (Team Medellín-EPM ). Óscar Quiroz from Nariño (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano) kept the leader’s jersey.

The day began with multiple attacks in the early stages of the race. The first important escape was carried out by Róbigzon Oyola (Team Medellín-EPM), Juan Pablo Vallejo (SuperGiros-Alcaldía de Manizales), César David Guavita (Team Sistecrédito), Juan Pablo Sossa (Team Sistecrédito), Juan Felipe Osorio (Orgullo Paisa), Juan Manuel Barbosa (Orgullo Paisa), Mateo Sánchez (Orgullo Paisa), Emmanuel Cáceres (Team InderHuila) and Carlos Andrés Parra (EBSA).

On the journey to the capital of Boyacá, the leading group maintained an advantage of more than two minutes over the pursuers. While moving up and down towards the finish line, the break disintegrated.

Then another getaway was put together with Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín-EPM), Jaisson Casallas (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), Cristian David Rico (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), Alexander Gil (EPM GO RIGO GO) and Jhonatan Chaves (EPM GO RIGO GO).

The fugitives tried to stay together until the end, but only Jaisson Casallas (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano) was able to withstand the onslaught of the group of favorites in the final stretch to celebrate in Tunja.

The “Duel of the Titans” will continue this Tuesday with the fourth section, which will take the riders from Funza to Villa Restrepo along 195 kilometers, with another high finish.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico