To Organisers of races registered on the UCI Road International Calendar (races taking place until the end of the 2020 season)
To National Federations

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the world of sport. The stabilisation of sanitary conditions in certain countries leads to envisage a gradual return to competitions with important adjustments which affect on the one hand the conditions of organisation, and on the other hand the medical monitoring of the teams.

Regarding the conditions for organising cycling events, the UCI has updated the protocols to be applied on races of the UCI international calendar<>.

For you as an organiser, the measures to be implemented are the same regardless of the class of the event.

Special provisions for Junior races and National Championships

  *   For Junior races, the provisions in the protocol for organisers apply in full while provisions for teams must be adapted by each National Federations depending on laws of the country (-18 yo riders).
  *   The protocol for UCI WorldTour-UCI Women’s WorldTour-UCI ProSeries events must also be adapted by each National Federations for their respective National Championships.

As specified in paragraph V of the protocol, the organisers must deposit specific information in a secure data storage space, at least 2 weeks before the event.

The link for this storage space is as follows:

When you arrive in this space, you can create a file with the name of your event, and drop the necessary files there.

What information must be uploaded?

  *   A summary of the measures implemented for the event, presented in the form of a completed Excel file.


  *   The following information, provided by the Covid coordinator, and which concern mainly the COVID-19 suspect case management protocol:

     *   the phase of the pandemic when sending the documents, referring to paragraph II of the UCI protocol;
     *   the conditions of isolation of suspect subjects before biological confirmation;
     *   the procedures for managing suspected COVID-19 cases;
     *   the criteria for defining contact cases, and their management;
     *   the list of registered teams.

However, you will not have access to the test results of riders and staff, which remain the responsibility of the teams. If you have any questions on this matter, the UCI has also access to this information in case of needs.

In addition, please note that a dedicated “covid-19 pandemic” webpage is available on the UCI website<>. It contains the protocols, useful documents as well as an FAQ that will certainly help answer most of your questions.
Please contact us should you have any questions not covered on this page.

Wishing you a good preparation of your event and in the best possible conditions.

With best regards,

On behalf of Xavier Bigard
UCI Medical Director