Argenys Vanegas of Team Kilos won with complete authority the fifth and final stage of the Tour of Nicaragua, in which the Costa Rican Bryan Salas (Real Estelí) took the yellow jersey and is the new monarch of a more organized edition that is going gaining prestige on the Central American route.

Vanegas easily dominated the 60 kilometer segment between Avenida Bolívar and Chávez with a difference of 1:40 from the main group, although his teammate Richard Alonso Zamora made more resistance and entered just six seconds behind the winner.

It has already become almost a custom for Vanegas to win that criterium, which makes him the best local rider, since he never tires of accumulating victories, which has made him the Nicaraguan who has the most stages in his record in the history of The Tour of Nicaragua.

The closing day turned out to be a very fast circuit and an unforgettable lap full of emotions and a lot of adrenaline due to the tactics of the teams that competed, while Bryan Salas’ partial eighth place allowed him to keep the lead in the general classification. 43 seconds ahead of the Colombian Carlos Romero and 53 of Vanegas, both from Team Kilos.

As for the rest of the sections, the Colombian Carlos Romero was crowned leader of the mountain; Costa Rican Jhon Jiménez led the flying goals; The Nicaraguan Wilton Picado was the best youth, while the leader among the local cyclists was Argenys Vanegas and the winning team could not be other than Team Kilos.

Thus concluded the Tour of Nicaragua, a triumph also in terms of organization and participation. Changes and more calls are announced for 2024, but the closure validated spectacle and sporting gains for a country without great traditions in cycling.