After a discreet participation in the national championships of Colombia 2024, the experienced Rigoberto Urán of EF Education-EasyPost gave an interview to Canal RCN, where he addressed various topics, from his future in professional cycling to his return to television with a new soap opera.

Urán revealed that he has received an offer to extend his professional career for two years. However, he made it clear that the decision does not depend solely on him: “I have no idea what will happen, I just received an offer for two years. The decisions were not made by me alone, there are a number of things to look at with my family and the team. There are certain things that need to be evaluated in order to make a decision.

The fear of retirement is a shadow that hangs over Urán, who has competed on the roads of Colombia and Europe for more than two decades. “I’m afraid of retirement and falls. Everything in life has its end, but I’m very afraid of my retirement, you have to have psychological help.

“We high-performance athletes live in a bubble, everything is tailor-made for you and you don’t get used to that life. I am also afraid of falling, it is difficult to see the family suffer. The truth is that I’m already too old for the sport,” Urán confessed.

In addition to his personal concerns, the cyclist addressed the importance of investment in cycling to foster new figures. “Cycling is a very expensive sport. We have to continue investing, the government has to get involved, we have to work a lot with the coaches. We need to review the issue of nutrition, which is key, we need to improve nutrition. What my team spends on food research is a very high budget. A lot of money is needed”, Urán emphasized.