Team Medellín-EPM continues to dominate the second edition of the Vuelta Bantrab 2023. Colombian Robigzon Oyola took the sprint victory in the second fraction, after traveling 124.5 kilometers between San Miguel Chicaj and Cobán. The Colombian-Spanish Óscar Sevilla retained the lead.

The experienced 34-year-old cyclist from Tolima appeared on the last few meters and crossed the finish line first, with a time of 3:06:48″. Oyola surpassed Ecuadorian Byron Guama (Movistar Best-PC) and Panamanian Chirstopher Jurado (Panama is Culture and Values) in packing.

In a finish at pure speed, the ‘coffee’ rider was the fastest and demonstrated the power of this squad that, in the general classification, has the first three. As for Miguel Ángel ‘Supermán’ López, he never looked bad and, on the contrary, he made it clear that he is in good shape, staying with the group and continuing in the fight for the long-awaited title, with three stages to go. the end.

The day started with a squad of 90 riders, who initially faced three intermediate sprints. During the tour of Baja Verapaz, a single mountain prize was disputed located in the Santa Elena Summit, first category, but that was not an impediment for the sprinters to define the stage.

Regarding the general classification, the Colombian continental squad of Team Medellín-EPM monopolizes the first three positions, which are led by Óscar Sevilla, followed by Miguel Ángel ‘Supermán’ López from Boyacá and Róbigzon Oyola from Tolima.

This Friday, March 31, the third stage of the Chapina round will take place, which will take the riders from Tactic to Guastatoya over 113.5 kilometers with a single second-category mountain prize, in addition to 3 intermediate sprints. The successor to Heiner Parra, from Boyacá, last year’s champion, will be announced on Sunday in Patzún (Guatemala).

Source: y Revista Mundo Ciclístico