A circuit in the Middle of the World monument (Quito) was the scene in which the Colombian Robinson Chalapud became champion of the 2022 edition of the Tour of Ecuador. The local Santiago Montenegro won the last stage and Chalapud confirmed his title by crossing third at the finish line.

The eighth and final stage of the Tour of Ecuador was held on Saturday, in a circuit that began and ended at the Middle of the World monument, in the vicinity of Quito. The cyclists did 10 laps of a circuit, to complete 117 kilometers, which in each of its turns had two ascents, the second at the same finish line.

The day, beyond some attacks and attempts to overcome the advantage of the leader Robinson Chalapud in the general classification, was calm, managed from a distance by the peloton and the Banco de Guayaquil team.

Some adventurers, in the second half of the kilometer, staged escape attempts, which were averted before the last lap and the lot traveled compactly, so that the stage ended up defining the packing.

At the end, the Ecuadorian Santiago Montenegro took the victory, his third in this edition of the Vuelta, beating the Colombian Juan Diego Hoyos, while the podium of the day was completed by the new champion, Robinson Chalapud, who left no doubt of his triumph.

Chalapud clearly maintained the lead in the general classification and was crowned champion, beating fellow Colombian Cristhian Montoya, who took the subtitle, while Santiago Montenegro was third.

Classification Stage 8

1. Santiago Montenegro (Movistar Best PC) – 2h:46m:22s

2. Juan Diego Hoyos (Corratec America) to m.t.

3. Robinson Chalapud (Bank of Guayaquil) to m.t.

4. Byron Guamá (Movistar Best PC) at m.t

5. Cristhian Montoya (Team Medellín) to m.t.

General ranking

1. Robinson Chalapud (Bank of Guayaquil)

2. Cristhian Montoya (Team Medellin)

3. Santiago Montenegro (Movistar Best PC)