The Tour of Uruguay 2024 had its continuity this Saturday with the third stage that joined Rocha with Maldonado in a total of 173.9 kilometers, in which the local Roderyck Asconeguy of the Club Ciclista Audax won with a time of 03:31:00.

For the Trinidadian it was his second victory in this competition because he had also won the first stage of the competition, although the second had been for the Argentinean Elbio Alborzen.

Behind Asconeguy came Matías Presa of Club Ciclista Cerro Largo (03:31:04), while the podium was closed by Ignacio Maldonado of Club Ciclista San Antonio (03:31:06).

“I am very grateful for the confidence that my teammates gave me to be able to arrive with strength to the finish and define ahead of Matías, a very brave cyclist in the sprint,” said the winner of the segment to the media.

Anyway, these results did not bring changes at the top of the general classification because the table is still led by the northern Kleber Ramos of Pindamonhangaba Cycling Team (10:14:22) ahead of Mateo Mascarañas of Club Náutico y de Pesca Boca Cufré (10:14:38) and Alejandro Quilci of Club Ciclista Cerro Largo (10:14:38).

This Sunday will take place the fourth day of the Tour of Uruguay that will join Vergara with Melo in a route that will be developed between Vergara, Route 18 and Route 26 until arriving at the capital of Cerro Largo in a route that will reach 133.8 kilometers.

Tour of Uruguay 2024
Results Stage 3 | Castillos -> Maldonado (173,9 km)

1Roderyck AsconeguyAudax de Flores3:31:10
2Alan Matias PresaC.C.Cerro Largom.t.
3Ignacio MaldonadoSan Antonio de Floridam.t.
4Diego RodríguezC.C.Cerro Largom.t.
5Kleber Silva Unifunvic Pindamondangadabam.t.
6Federico MoreiraC.C.Cerro Largom.t.
7Agustín TorresCNP Bocas del Cufrém.t.
8Santiago MéndezCCS Barrio Artigas de 33m.t.
9Juan Martín EchevarríaEquipo Paysandum.t.
10Pablo AnchieriCNP Bocas del Cufrém.t.
11Mateo MascarañasCNP Bocas del Cufrém.t.

Source: El País y Revista Mundo Ciclistico