The Uruguay Cycling Tour arrived in Melo this Thursday and completed its seventh stage with important news for Uruguayan cycling: Roderyck Asconseguy, from Villa Teresa, went on to command the general classification and took control of the classification with three stages to go before the final, which represents a great leap to get closer to the final triumph.

The seventh stage of the Uruguay Cycling Tour left as a balance changes in the individual general classification after the day that had a route of 153.4 kilometers starting and finishing in the city of Melo.

The day had the concentration in front of the Municipality of Cerro Largo and then the start from route 26 to go to the junction between this route and 18 and then return to the city of Melo, where a real party was lived.

Roderick Asconeguy from Villa Teresa was the winner of the stage and with that victory he put on the leading mesh to be in front of the individual general classification with only three days of competition left in the 78th edition of the classic Uruguayan cycling event.

The 32-year-old winner posted a time of 3:40.57, just like the other 19 who finished with the peloton time. Who was runner-up in the 2013 and 2016 editions of Rutas de América, and winner of the bronze medal in road cycling at the 2022 Odesur Games in Asunción, beat local Leonel Rodríguez, from Club Ciclista Cerro Largo, in the sprint and Pablo Anchieri, from the Boca del Cufré Boat Club.

And it is the bonuses that are giving a lot of excitement to the Uruguay Cycling Tour since the main candidates for the title cannot take advantage of the route and that makes special packaging and arrivals of vital importance in the competition.

This Thursday’s stage could be considered decisive, although despite the change of leader, the definition is still more than open for the grand finale of the Vuelta that will be this Sunday, April 9, against the Municipality of Montevideo.

On Friday the eighth stage will take place, starting in Mariscala and ending in Rocha (161 kilometers); Saturday will be the section from Rocha to Maldonado, with 199.6 kilometers (the second longest of the test); and on Sunday the champion will be defined when the Cycling Tour takes Maldonado and Montevideo (194.7 kilometers).

Result of the seventh stage of the Uruguay Cycling Tour 2023

1.- Roderyck Asconeguy Villa Teresa

2.- Leonel Rodriguez Cerro Largo

3.- Pablo Anchieri Boca de Cufré

4.- Fernando Mendez San Antonio Florida

5.- André Ghor UniFunvic

This is the general classification of the Uruguay Cycling Tour 2023

1.- Roderyck Asconeguy Villa Teresa 23h42’21

2.-André Ghor UniFunvic at 2″

3.- Agustín Moreira Cerro Largo at 15″

4.- Jorge Giacinti Cerro Largo at 18″

5.- Matías Cerro Largo Dam at 48″