Roniel Campos (Team Fundación Ángeles Hernández) became the undisputed champion of the Tour of Bramón this Sunday, an emblematic competition of the Junín municipality that has captured the attention of fans for fifty-two years, as a prelude to the Tour of Táchira.

A new triumph for the two-time champion of the Vuelta al Táchira, a native of the Yaracuy state, who in 2020 and 2021 won the title of the most important cycling event held in Venezuelan territory. Campos is part of the Fundación Ángeles Hernández team, a squad that looked grown in the different stages, where its members always occupied a place on the podium.

With joy and enthusiasm the spectators followed the incidents of this sporting event, which took place for three days in different locations throughout Tachira.

Three stages

The three stages that made up the competition took place in the municipalities of Junín, Rafael Urdaneta and Pedro María Ureña. On the first day, the cyclists started from Plaza Bolívar de Bramón, with a five-lap circuit in Rubio, to finish in Delicias.

The second stage was completed in Ureña and during the third stage a ten-lap circuit was carried out, with descent and ascent to Bramón. The results were the following:

Yonder Godoy of the Bolivarian Government of Trujillo team was the winner of the first stage, after crossing the finish line in the town of Delicias with a time of three hours, zero minutes, 21 seconds. The route was 110 kilometers.

With a difference of 14 seconds, Rubén Flores from the Politáchira Alcaldía de Córdoba team was in second place. Third place for Roniel Campos with a delay of one minute 14 seconds, and fourth place for Eduin Becerra, with a delay of one minute 24 seconds.

The Mountain awards went to the members of the Ángeles Hernández Foundation team: Eduin Becerra, José Alarcón and Roniel Campos.

In Ureña, with a route of 91.5 kilometers; Campos won first place, clocking a time of two hours, four minutes and 9 seconds; followed closely by Carlos Galviz from Politáchira Alcaldía de Córdoba, who came in second place and Franklin Chacón, from the Venezuela Carabobo La Guaira team, occupying third position.

The winner of the third stage was Eduin Becerra with a time of 2 hours, 18 minutes and 6 seconds; second place, Francisco Peñuela from the Venezuela Carabobo La Guaira team; third place Jhonatan Eugenio, from Politáchira Mayor’s Office of Córdoba.

Upon receiving the trophy and medal, Roniel Campos expressed his happiness for his outstanding performance, which allowed him to obtain this new victory; feat that he hopes to repeat in the Vuelta al Táchira.

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