GUATEMALA. With a circuit of 70 kilometers on the new road of Santo Domingo Xenacoj, the last stage of the Juvenile Class was held, which was in the hands of Edwin Sam de Quetzaltenango, in female elite, Stephany Castillo of Hino-One-La Red, finished in the first position.

The first sleeve of competition was for the categories cadets and junior women, who made 40 kilometers of race. The teams of Chimaltenango and Quetzaltenango imposed the rhythm of competition, defeating Pablo Ramos (Opticians Deluxe), who lost the lead in the last 5 kilometers. The stage victory went to Daniel Sánchez (Association of Chimaltenango), by beating Darío Rabinal (Nazaret-Tecpán).

In smaller female, the complete domain was for the team Me Ra of El Salvador, with Linda Girón and Iris Bolaños. The only national to battle his wheel was Chelsea Mendez (Quetzaltenango), meanwhile the debutant, Ashley Méndez, reached the fourth square of the stage.

In the youth category, the entire Quetzaltenango team worked with the sole objective of defeating the leader of the race, the Chimalteco, Kevin Borón who endured the constant attacks of the Quezaltec cyclists until the eighth round.

A flight of Ramón Ajpacajá and Edwin Sam ended Borón’s aspirations, as he reached them to reach the finish line with ample advantage, with Ajpacajá’s victory.

In the female elite category was Stephany Castillo the protagonist to stay ahead and accompanying the youth squad. (Nery Ajsivinac / Public Relations, FGC)



1. Edwin Sam (Asociación Quetzaltenango) 3:12:20
2. Ramón Ajpacajá (Asociación Quetzaltenango) +0:00:03
3. Kevin Borón (Asociación Chimaltenango) +0:01:51


1. David Sisimith (Nazaret-Tecpán) 14 pts.
2. Edwin Sam (Asociación Quetzaltenango) 11
3. Ramón Ajpacajá (Asociación Quetzaltenango) 6


1. Stephany Castillo (Hino-One-La Red)
2. Cynthia Lee (Asociación San Marcos)
3. Patricia Santos (Hino-One-La Red)


1. Daniel Sánchez (Asociación Chimaltenango) 1:56:52
2. Darío Rabinal (Nazaret-Tecpán) 1:56:52
3. Elí Sisimith (Nazaret-Tecpán) +0:00:01


1. Linda Girón (Me Ra El Salvador) 2:05:37
2. Chelsea Méndez (Asociación Quetzaltenango) +0:00:52
3. Iris Bolaños (Me Ra El Salvador) +0:01:01