If anyone doubted that January is the month of cycling in the province of San Juan, the calendar continues to expand, and from 19 to 21 another contest will be added to those already planned, when the Vuelta para Damas and junior is held, which consists of three stages and a total mileage of 264 kilometers.

The new year began in that Argentine province with the dispute of the 66° Clásica Doble Difunta Correa and will continue from 6 to 8 with the 21° Giro del Sol 2023 (2.2 – América Tour); while the close will be the 39th Tour of San Juan 2023 (2. Pro – UCI Pro Series).

The competition for elite ladies and junior men will be non-professional (amateur). The elite ladies will run in teams with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6. The junior men’s division will be individual only.

As disclosed by the organizers on the official website of the Vuelta a San Juan, both events will have Pedal Club Olimpia as their main entity, chaired by Juan Ernesto Pacheco. The institution will be governed according to the regulations of the Cycling Sport of the International Cycling Union and with particular provisions duly approved and authorized by the Argentine Federation of Track and Route Cycling (FACPyR). The inspections of the competitions will be in charge of the Sanjuanina Cycling Federation and FACPyR.

Both competitions will have the following stages:

Stage 1 – Thursday, January 19:

Stage 1 starts and finishes at Dique Punta Negra (overcoming the wall on the horizontal road). The cyclists will go along Ruta Interlagos to Las Moras street, from there to Hermogenes Ruiz to take Aviadores Españoles street until they return to the dike. There will be three turns in total and it will have an extension of 84.8 km.

Stage 2 – Friday, January 20:

Stage 2 will start and finish at the intersection of Aberastain and Maurín streets, in the Pocito department. The cyclists will have to complete six turns in a circuit to fulfill the 88.2 km of the race.

Stage 3 – Saturday, January 21:

The third and final stage will take place on Saturday, January 21. The point of departure and arrival will be on Provincial Route 270, in front of the Caucete Bus Terminal. The cyclists will reach the Paraje de la Difunta Correa and return to the starting point to complete a 92.1 km circuit.