LIMA. The sprint, and specifically the Keirin mode, gave the national track delegation the golds of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. In the first instance the winner was Martha Bayona. This Sunday was achieved by Kevin Santiago Quintero, author of the triumph that raised the country in the Peruvian capital.

Quintero, born in Palmira, Valle, conquered his first gold in a Pan American Games beating with authority in the grand final the Venezuelan Hersony Canelón and the Argentine Leandro Botasso, who despite their effort to overcome in the last cant, saw how the Colombian dominated the outcome with a powerful sprint.

The victory over the velodrome of the Villa Deportiva Videna, meant the third time in the event for the talented sprinter who climbed to the podium with Rubén Murillo and Santiago Ramírez in team speed, and the bronze was hung in individual speed.

The day also had among its protagonists the santandereana Martha Bayona, who won the silver in the individual speed, being measured in the final against the Canadian Kelsey Mitchell.

The Colombian said goodbye to the contest with a bronze in team speed (along with Juliana Gaviria) and a gold in the keirin, a specialty in which she has obtained the best results of her sports career, including the subtitle of the Hong Kong World Championship 2017

The last medal of the delegation was obtained by Juan Esteban Arango and Brayan Sánchez, in the men’s madison. Chile and the USA were gold and silver, respectively. In the women’s category, Lina Rojas and Milena Salcedo finished in fourth place.

Colombia finished the Pan American track with a total of nine medals: two golds, three silver and four bronzes. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)



  1. United States 46 GOLD
       Geist, Kimberly A./Birch, Christina M.
  2. Canada 35 SILVER
       Brouwer, Miriam / Coles-Lyster, Maggie
  3. Mexico 35 BRONZE
       Salazar Vazquez, Lizbeth / Bonilla Escapite, Jessica
  4. Colombia 14
       Rojas Zapata, Lina Mabel / Salcedo Zambrano, Jannie
  5. Brazil 11
       Lionço, Daniela Cristine / Dos Santos, Rodrigues
  6. Cuba -18
       Bernal Meadow, Jeydy / Cervante Trujillo, Idaris
  7. Chile -40
       Villalón Sánchez, Aranza / Villalón Sánchez, Paula
       Ecuador DNF
       Herrera Teran, Ariadna / Aguilar Garcia, Dayana
       Trinidad And Tobago DNS
       Costa, Alexi / Campbell, Teniel


  1. Mitchell, Kelsey Marie (CAN) 11,415 / 11,449 GOLD
  2. Bayona Pineda, Martha (COL) SILVER
  3. Gaxiola González, Luz (MEX) 11,413 / 11,646 BRONZE
  4. Salazar Valles, Jessica (MEX)
  5. Guerra Rodríguez, Lisandra (CUB)
  6. Rodriguez Hacohen, Joanne (GUA)
  7. Walsh, Amelia (CAN)
  8. Gaviria Rendón, Juliana (COL)
  9. Palmer Dahlia, Venicia (JAM)
  10. Vera Natalia, Andrea (ARG)
  11. Cargua Sevilla, Katheryne (ECU)
  12. Lozano Tarira, Genesis Heidy (ECU)
  13. Díaz, Mariana (ARG)
  14. Bendezu Flores, Ghillma Anahell (PER)
  15. Valdivia Vilchez, Estephany (PER)
  16. Quintero Chavarro, Kevin (COL) GOLD
  17. Canelon Vera, Hersony (VEN) SILVER
  18. Bottasso, Leandro Hernan (ARG) BRONZE
  19. Pineda Estrada, Brandon (Gua)
  20. Tjon En Fa, Jaïr (SOUTH)
  21. Browne, Kwesi (TTO)
  22. Archambault, Joël (CAN)
  23. Fonseca Da Silva, Kacio (BRA)
  24. Executioner Osuna, E. (MEX)
  25. Ruiz Callé, Robinson Steven (PER)


  1. Chile 88 GOLD
       Cabrera Torres Antonio / Peñaloza Yáñez Felipe
  2. United States 85 SILVER
       Hoover Gavin L./Hegyvary Adrian M.
  3. Colombia 61 BRONZE
       Arango Carvajal Juan / Sanchez Vergara Brayan
  4. Mexico 56
       Prado Juarez Ignacio / Aguirre Infante Jose
  5. Argentina 45
       Contte Tomas / Ramos Rubén Gabriel
  6. Ecuador 1 1 2 9 4
        Quishpe Quishpe Carlos / Guama De La Cruz Bayron
  7. Cuba 2
        Parra Pérez Alejandro / Marcos Vidueiro Leandro
  8. Trinidad And Tobago -13
        Campbell Akil / Cole Tyler
  9. Venezuela -37
        Rojas Romero Máximo / Martínez Moros Clever