The Costa Rican cyclist from Colono Bikestation Clips, Sebastián Moya won the sixth stage of the Tour of Costa Rica Telecable 2022 with a time of 03:16:57 after beating the runner Robinson Chalapud of Team Banco Guayaquil Ecuador in the final sprint, in a mountainous fraction of 120.7 kilometers, which took place between La Unión and Pérez Zeledón.

Both riders were protagonists of the stage after a breakaway that began in the next few kilometers of the competition and continued until the finish line at Parque de Pérez Zeledón. Wilson Haro entered third position with a time of 03:20:36.

In the leg-breaking day, which had almost 2,800 meters of accumulated positive elevation gain, the escape was led by Robinson Chalapud (Team Banco Guayaquil), Sebastián Moya (Colono Construcción Bike Station), Jimmy Montenegro (Movistar Best-PC), Wilson Haro (Team Banco Guayaquil), Elías Vegas, (Colono Construccion Bike Station) and Kevin Granados (7C Economy Lacoinex).

Marco Tulio Suesca, Movistar Best PC rider, is the new leader of the Vuelta after displacing Daniel Bonilla and taking advantage of more than two minutes overall over Carlos Gutiérrez from Team Banco Guayaquil Ecuador and more than three minutes over Gabriel Rojas, second and third in this section.

Regarding the sub 23 classification, Gabriel Rojas continues in the first position, in the mountains Robinson Chalapud is the new leader, while Jason Huertas continues to lead in the classification by points and flying goals.

This Wednesday the seventh stage of the Costa Rican round will be held, starting in Pérez Zeledón and ending in La Unión, over a 129.6-kilometre route in mountainous terrain, which includes the La Georgina hill (Special Cat. and 39.4 km at 6%).

The successor to Costa Rican Daniel Bonilla, last year’s champion, will be announced on Saturday, December 25 in Heredia (Costa Rica).

Oficial Results:

Source: FECOCI