The third edition of the Tour of Porvenir continues to excite. Now it was the second stage of 179.9 kilometers with start and finish in “La Toma”, conquered by the Argentine Sergio Fredes, from the KTM team, in a massive sprint, which suddenly made him the new leader of the individual general classification. .

The winner of the date, winner of the 2020 Tour of Porvenir, reached the finish line with a time of 4 hours 7 minutes and 50 seconds, along with 14 other participants, but the Argentine Lucas Gaday, from Rower, accompanied him on the podium. Continental San Luis, and the Panamanian Franklin Archibold, from Panama is Culture and Values.

With this partial victory for Sergio Fredes, the local cyclist climbed to the top of the general classification with just one second ahead of the winner of the first segment, the Chilean Héctor Quintana, and five seconds ahead of the Argentinean Mauro Richeze, from Chimbas Te Wanna.

At the beginning of the stage, in order to conserve energy, the athletes kept their strength and the peloton rolled compactly in the initial 30 km. But arriving at the first half hour, the cyclists picked up the pace and Lucas Gaday (Rower Continental San Luis) took the first sprint finish line. Later, the second quarter of that goal went to the Chilean Manuel Lira (Papa Jhons). Martín Vidaurre (Chile National Team) remained in front of the mountain goal.

When the second segment of the Vuelta del Porvenir had exceeded the hour of the race, the escape of the day occurred. Three brave men faced the sweltering heat and went looking for a good difference: Gerardo Atencio (Virgen de Fátima), Marcos Méndez (Argentina National Team) and Gustavo Ramírez (Coraza).

However, the effort was not enough and finally the platoon caught up with them. But Bolívar Espinosa (Panama is Culture) made the leap and tried to win alone, although his dream did not prosper and with 50 kilometers to go the group caught him.

In the end, with the public throbbing an electrifying sprint, the specialists went for the victory, however, Sergio Fredes delivered a final blow in the last centimeters and celebrated excitedly in the land of onyx marble.

The route included a third-category mountain goal on Highway 55, at 24 kilometers, then a second-category one at the height of the Quinto River, at 89 kilometers. The section of the general mountain continues to be led by Martín Vidaurre, of the Chilean national team; Marcos Mendez, from the national team, and Laureano Rosas, from Gremios por el Deporte Cutral-Co.

This Friday will be the third stage of the competition in El Durazno, in which it will be the turn of the 12.7-kilometer time trial with the restart at the Las Barranquitas roundabout.

Stage 2 Classification

1.- Sergio Fredes (KTM) 4h 7m 50s

2.- Lucas Gaday (Rower San Luis) m/t

3.- Franklin Archibold (Panama is culture and values) m/t

4.- Luis Chia (Super Giro – Manizales) m/t

5.- Juan Manuel Morales (SEP San Juan) m/t

General ranking

1.- Sergio Fredes (KTM) 7h 15m 26s

2.- Héctor Quintana (Chile National Team) 7h 15m 27s

3.- Mauro Richeze (Chimbas I Love You) 7h 15m 31s

  4.- Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) 7h 15m 33s

  5.- Laureano Rosas (Sports Guilds – Cutral Co) 7h 15m 34s