When the XIX Pan American Games begin this October 20 at the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile, six flag bearers from five nations will be cyclists, which makes our sport the fourth with the most names in this recognition to lead the parade of their respective countries.

For Aruba, Shanayah Howll, from BMX Racing, carries the national banner; while Conor White will do it for Bermuda, one of his promises for the podium in road cycling. Likewise, the well-known South American medalist Agua Marina Espinola will carry the Paraguayan flag.

For Trinidad and Tobago the honor fell to Nicholas Paul, multiple medalist in World Cups and with several universal podiums, as well as continental and regional champion. The only nation with a double flag bearer (man and woman) was Suriname, with Jair Tjon En Fa and Tachana Dalger

In terms of numerical statistics, cycling was only surpassed among the champions by swimming (11), athletics (9) and boxing (7), which also demonstrates the growth in results and medals of many of these countries. who chose riders to enter with the flag at the opening ceremony.

Mountain Bike cycling should provide the first medal of the Games this Saturday the 21st, with high expectations for the Chilean Martín Vidaurre, favorite to win in the men’s section, although the rivals will be the best on the continent.