South Hill Community in collaboration with the Anguilla Cycling Association held the 2020 South Hill Community Race today.

The results were:

Elite Category
1st Place – Hasani Hennis
2nd Place – Daron Carty
3rd Place – Delroy Carty

Masters Category
1st Place – Patrick Carty
2nd Place – Bevon Webster
3rd Place – Timothy Richardson

Juniors Category
1st Place – James Morris
2nd Place – Cailan Fleming

Cadet Category
1st Place – Kayden Bryan
2nd Place – Mckhi Carty

Minime Category
1st Place – Hector Roger’s
2nd Place – Dimitri Niles
3red Place – Alex Richardson

Female Category
1st Place – Jeritza Samuel
2nd Place – Vanessa Hodge
3rd Place – Valda Hodge

Benjamine Category
1st Place – Kamari Ruan

The Anguilla Cycling Association is grateful to the South Hill Community for their support and sponsorship, AI-Live and Vaugh Hazell firthe live streaming of the race, the Royal Anguilla Poloce Force and the many persons who came out and supported.

Our next race is scheduled for Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 1pm on the Rev C. L. Carty Road (North Hill Back Road).

Source: Anguilla Cycling Association