Next Saturday June 3, World Bicycle Day is celebrated and to celebrate it in the way we like best, Strava, the popular cycling social network, together with the UCI have launched a challenge encouraging all participants to use the bike on all the short journeys for which we often use the car.

The challenge created in Strava and in which you can register simply by accessing the challenges section from your profile will take place between June 3 and 30, seeking to create the habit among the users of this social network to give their bicycles a use beyond sports.

What it is about is turning this means of transport into a very useful means of transport for those small journeys, which are too long to do on foot, but are clearly unsustainable by car as we often do.

Strava Metro also collaborates in this initiative, the service created by Strava with which they collect usage data and analyze travel patterns that can later be used by planners when choosing the best mobility policies.

“With the launch of the UCI World Bicycle Day challenge on Strava, we hope even more people around the world will be encouraged to celebrate the joy of cycling not just one day, but all year long.” Strava Global Vice President of Communication Brian Bell.

Some statements that went hand in hand with those made by the president of the UCI, David Lappartient, who stated that “by launching a challenge on Strava for World Bicycle Day, the UCI intends to celebrate cycling and encourage more people to use the bicycle instead of motor vehicles for short journeys”.