This Sunday, June 30, the Gran Fondo Panama Ocean to Ocean 2024 took place, a sporting event that brought together cyclists from different parts of the world to ride the route that goes from Puerto Colon 2000 to the Panama Convention Center.

This exciting challenge offered three modalities for participants: Gran Fondo, Carrera and Elite Grand Prix, allowing cyclists of all levels to compete and enjoy the beauty of the country.

The Gran Fondo mode attracted numerous amateurs looking to test their endurance and enjoy the course. On the other hand, the Carrera was ideal for those cyclists who wanted to experience the adrenaline of competition without the extreme demands of the Gran Fondo.

The Elite Grand Prix modality, on the other hand, brought together the best cyclists, who competed at the highest level, demonstrating speed and skill in each section of the course.

The cash prizes were a great incentive for the participants, with sums of up to US$5,000. This event not only stood out for the competitiveness and effort of the cyclists, but also for the organization and the opportunity to ride some of Panama’s most iconic routes.

The Gran Fondo de Panama Ocean to Ocean 2024 was consolidated as a first class sporting event, offering an unforgettable experience for both competitors and spectators.

Andrés Parra, Colombian actor known for his work in El Patrón del Mal, was one of the figures who participated and on his social networks he left the following message:

“Long live the most beautiful sport in the world! The one that changed my life! Returning to the @gf_panama has been absolutely beautiful! A beautiful, safe, delicious race! Thank you my @pollycarretero for everything! As always happy and looking forward to coming back! Lots of great feelings! And the best of all! We arrived well, complete, safe and sound. I love you team @jairinho2.5 @inakizg we had a blast!”

The Gran Fondo Discipline in Cycling.

Gran Fondo is a road cycling discipline that combines endurance, speed and a large dose of passion for the sport. This race format, whose name in Italian means “great depth” or “great distance,” originated in Europe, but has gained popularity around the world.

Gran Fondo events are known for their long courses that can vary between 100 and 200 kilometers, crossing varied and often challenging landscapes.

Unlike professional cycling races, Gran Fondos are open to cyclists of all levels, from amateurs to elite competitors. This inclusiveness allows the Gran Fondo to be not only a competition, but also a community and social experience.

Cyclists have the opportunity to ride in groups, enjoy the surroundings, and often participate in side events that celebrate cycling culture.

Preparing for a Gran Fondo requires a meticulous approach to both physical training and logistical planning. Cyclists must develop considerable endurance, which involves weeks and months of long-distance training, interval work and muscle-strengthening exercises.

Nutrition and hydration are equally crucial, as maintaining energy levels over several hours of pedaling is vital to a cyclist’s performance and health.

In addition to the physical aspect, strategy plays a key role in the Gran Fondo. Cyclists must manage their effort throughout the race, avoiding early exhaustion and reserving energy for the toughest sections or the final sprint.

Course conditions, such as mountainous terrain, wind and temperature, also influence race planning. Knowing the course and having a clear strategy can make the difference between finishing successfully and abandoning due to exhaustion.

Gran Fondo events often include refreshment points where cyclists can rest briefly, rehydrate and resupply food. These points are essential to maintain pace and ensure that riders have the support they need during the race. Safety is also a priority, with well-marked routes and, in many cases, accompanying support vehicles and medical services.

Participating in a Gran Fondo is not only a physical challenge, but also an emotional experience. The satisfaction of crossing the finish line after hours of effort is incomparable. Cyclists often describe the feeling of completing a Gran Fondo as a significant personal achievement, a test of their ability to overcome limits and meet challenges.

In short, Gran Fondo cycling is a discipline that celebrates endurance, camaraderie and a passion for cycling. With their combination of physical challenge, strategy and scenic beauty, Gran Fondo events continue to attract cyclists from around the world, offering a unique experience that goes beyond simple competition.