Four positive slopes marked the seventh stage of the Tour of Colombia 2023; and it is that this Friday, June 23, a fraction of 195.9 kilometers between Pereira and Manizales was completed, which, by the way, was the longest of the 73rd edition of the route; and Miguel Ángel “Supermán” López (Team Medellín) once again raised his arms of victory, this time after 5:12:17 hours of pedaling.

Once again, as López said days ago, “everyone is running against us (Team Medellín)”, because in the seventh stage there was a fight in which EBSA, GW Shimano Sidermec and Sistecredito were present, the latter , led by Wilson Peña, who has tried to fight Miguel Ángel for the title of ‘tú a tú’.

Also, two of those who tried to take the stage and were escaped were Walter Pedraza (Team Fundecom – C. Goci) and Didier Merchán (GW Shimano Sidermec), the latter being the one who for a moment looked like Superman’s ‘executioner’.

However, Aldemar Reyes (Team Medellín) made a ‘carrerota’ again, as he was in charge of taking López, who had space and attacked three kilometers from the finish line, reaching and surpassing the escapees, and seeing how Peña was the one who killed him. he pursued, although once again, it was impossible for him to win the stage.

In this way, in a fraction almost ‘traced’ from the previous ones in the mountains, Superman López took the sixth stage victory of the seven that have been held in the Tour of Colombia, and continues to show that he is a ‘World Tour’ rider ‘.

Now, the Vuelta a Colombia lot is getting ready to run the eighth stage this Saturday, which will allow a route of 179.7 kilometers starting at La Pintada and arriving at Cañasgordas (Antioquia). There will be a first, two third and one fourth mountain prize, respectively.

This Saturday, June 24, the eighth fraction of the Colombian round will be held, starting in La Pintada and ending in Cañasgordas, on a 179.7-kilometre route on terrain that climbs upwards with four mountain prizes and a final in a fourth-class port. category. The successor to Fabio Duarte, last year’s champion, will be announced on Sunday in La Ceja, Antioquia.