The formidable Colombian road racer, Miguel Ángel “Supermán” López, who is provisionally suspended by the International Cycling Union (UCI), was surprised on his vacation with an anti-doping control in Disney, United States, at the hotel where he is staying with his family .

The rider from Boyacá told what happened, because the officials of the International Cycling Union (UCI) looked for him to take a doping control test without prior notice. The beetle reacted to the event on social networks.

“I am surprised by something that just happened to me this morning, I had not wanted to say this in public, but it is time because a long time has passed. “Everyone knows the situation I am going through, the provisional suspension that the UCI has had for me that has been going on for almost 5 months, and that as of today I know absolutely nothing about my future,” López said on his Instagram account.

The 29-year-old rider, who has undergone several check-ups and tests, referred to the UCI’s persecution against him, emphasizing that all of his controls always came back negative.

“I have collaborated, I have done the things they have asked of me. “I have collaborated with information, with controls, because I have passed many,” added the Colombian rider.

Finally, the man from Boyacá asked the cycling body to find a prompt solution to his case, since it has been several months without an official response.

“If they take the trouble to come here, let them take the same trouble to solve the issue for me and expedite me, investigate and give me the green light to do what I like because I am not hiding anything and I am clean, I have nothing What to see”, concluded Superman López.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico