Samuel Quaranta (Italy National Team) gave him an Italian accent with his victory in the second stage of the International Tour to Catamarca 2023, run between Pomán and Huillapima, with an extension of 118 kilometers, in which the Ecuadorian Santiago Montenegro (Movistar BestPC) defended your leader shirt with brains and supreme effort.

The escape from the segment was led by three cyclists: the Panamanian Bolivar Espinoza (Panama is Culture and Values), the Brazilian Alessandro Guimaraes (Swift Carbón P.C) and the Argentine Juan Salas (Team Catamarca Capital), who could only pedal halfway solo of the course, when they were neutralized by the peloton.

In the only mountain prize of the day, presented halfway through the race, Miguel Ángel ‘Supermán’ López from Boyacá from Team Medellín-EPM emerged victorious. Behind were the gaucho runner Laureano Rosas (Gremios por el Deporte), the leader of the race, the Ecuadorian Santiago Montenegro (Movistar BestPC) and the Antioquian Danny Osorio (Team Medellín-EPM), in that order.

In the final, the surviving sprinters defined everything in a very strong sprint, which ended with the victory of the Italian Quaranta, escorted by Pablo Anchieri of the Uruguayan National Team and the Ecuadorian Cristián Pita of Banco Guayaquil.

The intermediate points were dominated by Luca Collinelli of the Italian National Team, at kilometer 33; and Francisco Kotsakis from Papa Jhons from Chile, did it in the second flying goal. With all these results, the general classification remained the same, with Santiago Montenegro at the top, followed by Stefan Verhoef from Team Universe and Leison Maca from Giro Al Manizales. The South American round will continue this Saturday with the third stage, which will start from Alijilán and end in Valle Viejo, with an extension of 100 kilometers, in another leg-breaking day