Everything is ready in Costa Rica to celebrate the Pan American Enduro Championship on April 29 and 30, with the participation of 120 riders from 10 nations, plus the invitation of Spain, as confirmed by the National Federation on its website.

Senderos Colón and Adventure Park will be the places that will receive the participants this Saturday and Sunday, respectively, from 8 a.m., in a contest that promises to be well fought for the podium places and add a good number of followers to this modality of cycling .

In the Senderos Colón park, three stages will be held on April 29, while on Sunday, April 30, four stages will be held in the Adventure Park.

“For our country it is a historic event to have this event, we will have runners from Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Guatemala, as well as Spain”, explained Óscar Ávila, President of the Federation Costa Rican Cycling and the National Enduro Association.

Being an international event, the tests will be judged by an international commissioner, as well as the judging body of Costa Rica.

Ávila added that he expects Costa Rica to obtain several victories in different categories and detailed how everything was given for our country to receive this great event.

“We have been negotiating for months at the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI). Costa Rica has been a pioneer in Enduro in the area. Last year we had the National Championship that was a qualifier for the Enduro World Series.

“In 2022 the first Pan-American championship was held, this year the United States, Peru and Costa Rica were asking for the venue and fortunately it was decided in our favor,” declared Ávila. In addition, this second Pan American will qualify for the Enduro World Cup.

“We expect a great race, the Pan-American Enduro title will be in dispute, which will also qualify for the Enduro World Cup, they have been working hard on the organization, we will use two parks”, he concluded.

Source: www.fecoci.net y www.crciclismo.com