This Saturday, in the morning, the second Convention of the South American Cycling Union (USC) was held in San Juan. The ceremony was attended by distinguished authorities and was held in the Hall Crossing the Andes of the Civic Center.

The USC is an entity that has a direct relationship with the International Cycling Union (UCI) and brings together all the cycling federations in Latin America. The above brings together Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The special table was composed of Governor Sergio Uñac, as honorary president of the USC; Jorge Chica, secretary of Sports of San Juan; María Victoria Gallardo, vice president of the Cycling Union of the Argentine Republic; Gabriel Curuchet, highest authority of the South American Union, Pascal Schyns – Belgian leader and internationally recognized -, continental advisor of the American Tour International Cycling Union; José Manuel Pelaez, from Cuba, vice president of the UCI and president of the Pan American Cycling Confederation.

The first to provide allusive words to the event was Gabriel Curuchet who said: “Important dates were taken, which include San Juan. South America has taken an important place thanks to this governor ”

So also left some edges Pascal Schyns: “We are very happy with what was talked about here today, regarding the projections for this year 2020. The truth is that I congratulate you for the magnitude of this Pro Series race, but we will work so that be World Tour ”

Then the Secretary of Sports Jorge Chica highlighted “We are very happy with the work that has been done, today we have the full hotel capacity, and that speaks of the efforts of our Governor so that the sport has its recognition”

On the end, Governor Sergio Uñac spoke about the strong work that has been done with sports in the province and especially with cycling. “I want to propose that we continue to work more closely than ever before, in order to keep what is being done. We have marked a different path for the little ones. I thank all the cycling authorities present that allow us to grow in this discipline ”

The other accompanying authorities were Sonia Acuña, president of the Bolivian Cycling Federation; José Luis Vasconcellos, president of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation; Ricardo Florez Contreras, Colombian representative of the MTB-COPACI Commission; Oswaldo Hidalgo, president of the Ecuadorian Cycling Federation; Edwin Pitty, legal advisor of the USC; Emer Samudio Romero, representative of the Panamanian Cycling Federation; Mateo Zaldívar, president of the Paraguayan Cycling Federation; Gustavo Matus de la Parra, president of the Peruvian Sports Cycling Federation; Federico Moreira, representative of the Uruguayan Cycling Federation; Pablo Quintana, president of the Uruguayan Cycling Federation; Eliezer Rojas, president of the Venezuelan Cycling Federation; Héctor Ciappino, treasurer of the USC; Lina Lucco de Katogui, representative of the Argentine Federation of BMX; Ricardo Rodríguez, general secretary of the Argentine Federation of Track and Road Cycling; Mario Sábato and Roberto Borrego, exhibitors of E-Cycling. 

The itinerary of activities began at 8:30 and extended minutes after 13:30. Throughout that period of time, the leaders discussed and discussed various topics, referring to problems to solve and new proposals. The purpose is to enhance the quality of cycling in the continent.