The Cycling Tour of Uruguay Grand Prix “National Department of Sports”. Sprinter “Canal 5” and “Agua Esencial” Award and CIMA “Abitab” Award will begin this Thursday, March 30 in Colonia, Uruguay, where a small prologue will be run on flat ground.

The wheel will begin to turn at 6:00 p.m., in what will be the Prologue of the competition (which will add time to the general classification) with a total distance of 7.6 km. This prologue being the one that will mark the formal start of the competition.

On Friday the 31st, the first stage is scheduled to start at 8:55 a.m., which will begin in Colonia and culminate in the Plaza de Canelones. The second stage will be special, as it will begin in Montevideo, the city that saw the birth of this competition 84 years ago at Av. 18 de Julio corner with Olimar, where so many years ago La Vuelta started for the first time.

In this 78th edition, the second stage will start at the same point, thus commemorating the glory and history of this important event. The contest will have 10 stages and 15 teams will participate.

This Thursday, starting at 1:00 p.m. and until 15:00 p.m. The ratification of registration and delivery of Dorsal and Chip will be carried out in the Plaza de Toros of the department of Colonia.

Starting at 3:00 p.m. in the same place, the Technical Congress of La Vuelta will be held, where we will be reviewing the regulations of the test together with the sports commissioners of the event.


Prologue (Cologne)

Concentration: Plaza de los Toros de Colonia

Start: 18:00

Route: 7.6 km

Stage 1 (Cologne – Cannelloni)

Concentration: Plaza de los Toros de Colonia

Start: 08:55

Route: 172.5 km

Stage 2 (Montevideo – Durazno)

Concentration: Esplanade Municipality of Montevideo

Start: 09:00

Route: 184.1 km

Stage 3 (Durazno – Trinidad)

Concentration: Plaza Sarandí de Durazno

Start: 09:20

Route: 144.3 km

Stage 4 (Trinidad – Mercedes)

Concentration: Mayor of Flores

Start: 08:55

Route: 159.3 km

Stage 5 A (Mercedes – Paysandú)

Concentration: Rambla de Mercedes

Start: 08:25

Route: 131.1 km


Concentration: Municipal Closed Stadium

Start: 15:30

Route: 23.6 km

Stage 6 (Paysandú – Tacuarembó)

Concentration: Route 26 milestone km 43

Start: 08:30

Route: 199.8 km

Stage 7 (Melo – Junction Route 26 and 18)

Concentration: Municipality of Cerro Largo

Start: 14:00

Route: 153.4 km

Stage 8 (Mariscala – Rocha)

Concentration: Municipality of Mariscala

Start: 09:55

Route: 161.3 km

Stage 9 (Rocha – Castillos – Maldonado)

Concentration: Rocha Sports Center

Start: 08:45

Route: 199.6 km

Stage 10 (Maldonado – Montevideo)

Concentration: Maldonado Track

Start: 08:30

Route: 194.7 km