The Argentine Thomas Maturano was enshrined this Sunday world champion, men’s junior category, in the BMX cycling modality, as part of the World Cup of the discipline, which takes place in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Maturano, from La Rioja, barely 16 years old, dominated the final test, from end to end, and used a time of 35 seconds and 133 thousandths to win the gold medal. This is the best result of his young career, after qualifying as a finalist in the Under 23 BMX World Cup, which took place in Turkey, last June.

For his part in the same modality, his compatriot Federico Capello (born in Río Cuarto) registered 35: 805 and was proclaimed runner-up, while the Italian Tommaso Frizzarin obtained the bronze medal, with a time of 36: 129. Behind them Colombian Juan José Velázquez was left, fourth with 36:130.

They were the first and only medals for Argentina in this unified Cycling World Championship, which concluded on the 13th after eleven days. On the day itself, Exequiel Torres from La Rioja achieved eighth place in the elite BMX final, while Agustina Cavalli from Bahia achieved eighth place in her quarterfinal series and was among the 32 best competitors on the planet.

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