GUATEMALA CITY. Cyclist Bryan Rios (Quiché Cycling Departmental Association) won the UCI Chaín 2019 Grand Prix, a 217-kilometer stage that ended in the Department of Escuintla, with 4 hours, 59 minutes and 47 seconds. The second box for Dorian Monterroso (Decorabaños) and the third for Julio Padilla (Deluxe Optics).

In the first round route to Puerto Quetzal, 9 cyclists commanded the race, which included Abel Jocholá, Dilson Orozco, Pedro Lares, Alfredo Velásquez, Joslyn Chavarría, Santos Crispín Ajpacajá, Isaak Pérez, Basilio Hernández and Gabriel Rojas.

The race featured moments of intense fighting between young cyclists who sought prominence and the intention to stay with the stage, as at the time of the escape of José Canastuj, Rony Julajuj, Henry Sam, Joshua Canastuj and Fredy Toc, pedaling for over 70 kilometers with freedoms in front of competition.

One of the combative teams of the day was Ópticas Deluxe, because the attempts to win the stage continued until there were 5 km to go, with Julio Padilla and Luis López who did not hesitate to attack the Costa Rica National Team, Hino-One- The network and Decorabaños.

In the absence of 2 km to the finish line, the Quiché warrior, Bryan Ríos, managed to outstrip his rivals for 15 seconds, devoting himself in the Escuintla department to the first UCI Chapín Grand Prix. (Nery Ajsivinac / Prensa F.G.C)

Results Grand Prize UCI Chapín.

  1. Bryan Ríos (ADD Quiché)
  2. Dorian Monterroso (Decorabaños) +0:00:15
  3. Julio Padilla (Ópticas Deluxe) +0:00:15
  4. Gabriel Rojas (Selección de Costa Rica) +0:00:17
  5. Luis López (Ópticas Deluxe) +0:00:19
  6. Daniel Bonilla (Selección de Costa Rica) +0:00:41
  7. Johan Jiménez (Selección de Costa Rica) +0:00:45
  8. Edgar Torres (Hino-One-La Red Tigo) +0:00:45
  9. Melvin Boron (Ejército de Guatemala) +0:00:45
  10. Luis de La Roca (Australian Sacatepéquez) +0:00:45