Wearing the number one bib, defending champion Daniel Bonilla (Colono Bikestation Clips) surprised his rivals after 199.1 kilometers in Liberia, claiming partial victory and the lead in the Tour of Costa Rica Telecable 2022, which began this Friday 16 december.

The longest stage of the Tour of Costa Rica started from Heredia, making official the return, after two years, of the most important event on the national calendar. Ten national teams and five foreigners rode in a controlled manner to the Juan Santamaría Airport, where the 101 competing cyclists were given free rein.

With three of the five intermediate emotions arranged in the first 30 kilometres, proposals were immediate in the hands of the Dutchman Roy Duijvesteijn (Global Cycling Team), marked immediately by Jason Huertas (Colono Bikestation Clips) and Vladimir Fernández (Arroz Halcón – Parabrisas Morales), winning the first flying goal in Florida Bebidas, in the same order.

The first hot spot opened the way for the marathon escape of Jason Huertas (Colono Bikestation Clips), conquering alone the two third-category mountain passes (Altos de Naranjo and Alto de Santiago) and the flying goal in Maxí Palí Esparza, culminating the descent of Cambronero.

During that same journey, Roy Duijvesteijn (Global Cycling Team) left the Tour of Costa Rica with a broken clavicle caused by a spectacular fall, while the Ecuadorian Wilson Haro (Team Banco Guayaquil), tried unsuccessfully to get closer to the head of the race.

On the way to the last flying goal at the entrance to Upala, Huertas decided to lower his guard and return to the peloton, reserving the remaining energy for the fraction’s finish, which triggered skirmishes and the departure of a dozen important riders: like himself Daniel Bonilla (Colono Bikestation Clips) together with the champion of the Vuelta a Chiriquí, Marco Tulio Suesca (Movistar Best PC), José Tito Hernández and Carlos Gutiérrez (Team Banco Guayaquil); Franklin Archibold and Randish Lorenzo (Panama Culture and Values); Gabriel Rojas (Costa Rica National Team) and Joseph Chavarría (7C Economy Lacoinex).

In addition to Luis Murillo (CMS-Prefabricados San Carlos), Kristopher Vega (Arroz Halcón – Parabrisas Morales) and Jordan Ruíz (Distribuidora Cruz-Java-Trama), collaborating with each other and trying to isolate other bosses from the favorite squads.

Despite the efforts of 7C Economy Lacoinex and the collaboration of Zebol Elky to close the distance with the fugitives, the difference exceeds 3 minutes, 20 kilometers from the line of judgment.

Finally, the victory was played among the escapees with a first proposal from Jordan Ruíz (Distribuidora Cruz-Java-Trama), after exceeding the margin of three kilometers, which caused the counterattack of their rivals, who, avoiding the curves, approached in a tight packing at the Edgardo Baltodano Briceño Stadium, leaving Daniel Bonilla (Colono Bikestation Clips) as the winner against the Colombian Marco Tulio Suesca (Movistar Best PC) and the Panamanian Franklin Archibold (Panamá Cultura y Valores), imposing a difference of 4 minutes and 21 seconds behind the main group led by Jason Huertas.

At the end of the fraction, the winner expressed his satisfaction with what was done today. “I’m happy, a great job from the whole team, we ran at a very high pace. We were attentive in the cut. There were very strong riders on the break, in the end I had the strength to respond and win. It is an important difference with the rivals that are going to fight for the title”, said Bonilla, last champion of the Tour of Costa Rica.

The second stage of the Tour of Costa Rica Telecable will take place between Liberia, Carrillo, Belén, Santa Cruz and Nicoya, completing 122.7 kilometers.