In a last stage of the Tour of Porvenir 2023 that took place on the 121-kilometer San Luis Circuit, the Chilean cyclist Martin Vidaurre (Chile National Team) won the last stage of the race organized by the San Luis Cycling Federation and he became champion of it, beating runner-up Franklin Archibold (Panama is Culture and Values).

The epilogue was in a vibrant sprint that Vidaurre won and almost overtook Archibold, who had also reached the last segment of the race with chances of victory. Third in the stage was Emiliano Contreras (Chimbas Te Quiero). They all finished the 121.6-kilometre route with a time of 2h38’53”. The average speed was 45 kilometers per hour.

The bonus for winning the fifth stage – plus the income he reached with the escape – served the young man born in Santiago de Chile 22 years ago to keep the greatest trophy. The current U23 mountain bike world champion (consecrated in Val di Sole, Italy) rounded off a time of 13h 33’44” to complete the 608.6 kilometers that the Vuelta del Porvenir arranged.

The Panamanian Archibold was left with honey on his lips by placing second in the General by just two seconds. The Colombian César Paredes (SEP) completed the podium with 37 seconds left. For the first time in its three editions, there were no Argentines in the top three of the General.

A surprising, brave and lethal closing

The last leg of the Tour of Porvenir began under fierce heat at 2:30 p.m., in front of EDIRO and had four turns on a circuit that not only included the Circunvalación avenue of the capital city, but also Juana Koslay and the dam Stone cross.

On the asphalt the thermometer marked 48 degrees. But none of that mattered to the 20 brave men who broke away from the peloton in the first metres. Quick they took 30 seconds difference. Among them were Vidaurre and Archibold.

The squad let them do it. He thought that the escapade would not prosper. The SEP and KTM men marked each other, with Fredes and Dotti among them. Meanwhile, the fugitives worked in coordination, kept their faith, and the time increased dangerously to 01 minute 45 seconds.

The large group began to get restless and decided to speed up. Dotti, Fredes and 10 other men separated from the group in search of the brave. But the difference remained in the second pass through the circuit.

In the penultimate lap the difference extended to 2 minutes 23 and despair seized the chasing group. Fredes saw his leading mesh in danger and started to ‘shoot’, but the 15 escapees resisted with Vidaurre and Archibold as captains.

The effort of those who were candidates was late and sterile because that surprising and courageous initial escapade was successful. The Panamanian and the Chilean played for the trophy in the final packaging. 100 meters from the line, the trans-Andean stopped on the pedals and in his first road race, his absolute road debut, he won all the glory. Deserved prize for one of the most regular and combative men that the race had.

stage classification

1.- Martin Vidaurre (Chile National Team) 2h 38m 53s

2.-Franklin Archibold (Panama is Culture and Values) m/t

3.-Emiliano Contreras (Chimbas I Love You) m/t

4.- Alejandro Ruiz (Supergiros Alcaldia Manizales) m/t

5.-Francisco Kotsakis Lagos (Team Papa’s Jhones) m/t

General ranking

1.- Martin Vidaurre (Chile National Team) 13h 33m 44s

2.- Franklin Archibold (Panama is Culture and Values) +2s

3.- Nicolas Paredes (SEP San Juan) +39s

4.- Sergio Fredes (KTM) +1m 06s

5.-Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) +1m 08s