The fortieth edition of the Cycling Tour of Ecuador will begin with a 133.12 kilometer circuit in the streets of Riobamba next Monday, September 25, reported the organizing entity of the test, the Ecuadorian Cycling Federation (FEC), with its president Santiago Rosero in front.

In addition to the circuit on the avenues of the province of Chimborazo, the most important Ecuadorian cycling competition will travel through roads in Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Pichincha and Imbabura, to complete nearly 700 kilometers that will be covered in the central and northern mountains.

“The Cycling Tour of Ecuador does not have the support of the government, through the Ministry of Sports, so we had to make the painful decision to reduce the number of stages (from 8 to 6),” said the president of the FEC. , Santiago Rosero.

The private company and about five municipalities form the basis of financing the event that will begin in Sultana de los Andes and will end on Saturday, September 30, with a circuit that will take place in the tourist Mitad del Mundo, in Pichincha.

The mayor of Riobamba, John Vinueza, where the test will begin and which will host the departure of about 100 riders, invited people to visit La Sultana de Los Andes. “The objective we pursue is to certify ourselves as a sports city in America and part of that is to host this great event.”

As for the teams participating in the competition, which has the endorsement of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the UCI 2.2 qualification, the presence of representatives such as Canel’s, from Mexico; the Rio Grande, from the United States; Panama Culture and Values, from Panama; and the AVV Club, from Peru.

The FEC is also waiting for the response from Team Medellín, from Colombia, to whom the invitation was extended, as well as 16 other international teams in addition to the Ecuadorian continental teams such as Banco Guayaquil and Movistar Best PC, as well as the professionals Team Narváez, Team C&S Technology, Team Pichincha, Team CineCable Internet Twitter, Team Saitel, among others.

On the other hand, the President of the entity that governs pedal sport in Ecuador mentioned that the Youth and Women’s Tours will be at the end of October in Riobamba, which is also aiming to host the next national championship and that the Vuelta This year’s Cycling to Ecuador will be carried out in six stages, with the slogan “We went back.”


1: Riobamba City Circuit: departure and arrival: Loma de Quito – April 21 Park, 130.4 kilometer route.

2: Riobamba – Salcedo: departure from the Municipality of Riobamba – arrival, at the Salcedo ESPE, 120.65 km will be covered.

3: Machachi – Cayambe: departure from the Central Machachi park – arrival, Parque 23 de Julio, total 108.6 km.

4: Cayambe – Cotacachi: departure from the 23 de Julio park – arrival, Abdón Calderón Central Park, 88.94 Km.

5: Cotacachi – Mitad del Mundo: departure at the Abdón Calderón Central Park – arrival, Mitad del Mundo, 150.37 Km.

6: Middle of the World City Circuit: departure and arrival, Middle of the World city, 116.1 Km.