The Costa Rican Cycling Federation (FECOCI) enabled registrations for the first date of the FECOCI Cup, which will take place next Sunday, September 3, in the youth, sub23, elite and master categories for free.

This will be the first of the three road cycling events that aim to add kilometers and give the teams competitive rhythm with a view to the #57 edition of the Vuelta Costa Rica Telecable that will take place next December, as well as the Women’s Tour that is agreed for the second semester of the year.

The event, promoted by the Board of Directors is called the FECOCI Cup, it will consist of three one-day online road tests, where the teams can register their runners and give their maximum effort at all times of the competition.

The first date will be September 3 between the Río Frío Crossing and San Carlos; the second is scheduled for October 1 between Oreamuno, Paraíso, Turrialba and Tucurrique, in addition the last date is agreed for November 5 between Orotina and Quepos.

“From the Federation we are concerned about the problems we are experiencing with the use of public roads, where road cycling has been the only harm, therefore the Board of Directors decided to assume the realization of a cup and the Tour of San Carlos to have activities in the second semester of the year prior to the Women’s Tour and the Costa Rica Tour”, said Óscar Ávila, president of Fecoci.

For these events, cyclists from the youth, sub 23, elite and master categories, both female and male, will be able to participate.

The event will be totally free with the sole objective of reactivating road cycling formally and having events prior to December.

In addition to the FECOCI Cup, the Costa Rican Cycling Federation will take over the event called “Vuelta San Carlos” next October, which will consist of four stages and aims to fill the void left by the cancellation of some events due to the operating cost of using the roads. public road trips for the organizers.

In addition, the Federation made an alliance with the CCDR San Carlos so that FECOCI assumes the organization of said event. It should be noted that for this Cos an essential requirement is the annual license of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation.

In addition to these competitions, it is important to be clear that FECOCI will also carry out the events that remain on the calendar such as the Master Route Championships, the Under 23 Tour, the Women’s Tour, among others.