The Jumbo-Visma club continues its search for a main sponsor to replace the supermarket chain although, according to its sports director Merijn Zeeman, there is no concern in this regard and the team’s future is fully assured.

There does not seem to be much concern within Jumbo-Visma after the failure of the merger with Soudal-QuickStep. They never stopped looking for an alternative to the Jumbo supermarket chain and, as the sports director of the Dutch squad Merijn Zeeman hinted in statements to the Belgian newspaper Het Niewsblad, in a few days we could find out the new name of the team.

In recent weeks there has been speculation about the sponsorship of this team by firms such as Amazon or Pon Group, although none of them have gone beyond that, mere rumors such as those that have been surrounding the future of the Dutch squad for months. The only certainty is that Ti Visma, a Norwegian software firm, will continue to be linked to the team with an investment of around 12 million euros.

Zeeman said that the team is entering a new stage with the aim of continuing at least another 10 years in cycling, which, by all accounts, seems to indicate that the new sponsor will be a firm with great solvency.

The director of Jumbo-Visma also spoke in said interview about the departure of Primoz Roglic, making clear the total transparency on the part of the rider who has helped his departure take place in a friendly manner, although he also admitted that he means to have from now on a formidable rival in front.

Analyzing the season, despite the fact that the team has taken victory in large and small rounds, they still have the regret of not having been able to shine at the level of other years in the great classics, which would have already meant rounding off the perfect season. Without a doubt a goal to work on in the coming years.