The teams Panama Es Cultura y Valores, Súper Giros from Colombia, the Chilean National Team and the Continental Papa Johns from Chile have already set foot in San Luis, Argentina to participate in the third edition of the Tour of Porvenir, which will begin on February.

The Swift Carbon of Brazil and the Peruvian National Team were already in the province and this Tuesday the arrival of the national teams is expected, among which are the six continental teams from San Juan, the KTM and the SAT, who will join the Center Team of Buenos Aires Cyclist Development, which also concentrated in the province while waiting for the Vuelta.

At 8:00 p.m. at night, the inaugural act will be held, which will be held on Illia Avenue, a few meters from San Martín. The first stage will be this Wednesday, starting at 1:30 p.m., starting from the center of Tilisarao and arriving at the Juana Koslay Hospital.

Panama Es Cultura y Valores, the team that occupies second place in the UCI America ranking, is a strong candidate to win the race. They arrive after finishing in the Vuelta A San Juan, Argentina with an outstanding participation and a mountain sub-championship in the legs of Christofer Jurado.

Now the Tour of Porvenir 2023 begins, as part of the America Tour UCI calendar, to continue focused on obtaining points, facing the classification of the Olympic Games, Paris 2024.

The PCV team for the Vuelta del Porvenir confirms the following nomination: Sandy Guerra, Randish Lorenzo, Bredio Ruiz, Alex Strah, Franklin Archibold, Bolívar Espinosa and Christofer Jurado, all directed by Juan Pablo Villegas.

  “The return to San Juan left us at an important point in terms of the calendar, the pace of the race is already being felt by the boys, and the mileage achieved in 7 days of racing will be ideal to face La vuelta del Porvenir, which It will have 5 stages, we are less than 90 days away from the Pan American, everything we do in this period adds up to meet each objective, we are in good spirits and we look strong” added Juan Villegas, technical director of the canal team.

Source: FEPACI y