During this Friday the third stage of both the Women’s Tour and the Vuelta de la Juventud was held. Karen Villamizar and Hugo Rodríguez prevailed in the day, but they could not threaten the leadership of the general classification that continues in the hands of Camila Atahualpa and Jaider Muñoz, respectively.

Between Oiba and Ël Páramo this third segment was run, both of the Women’s Tour and the Vuelta del Porvenir. The 69-kilometre route included two third category ports, the second near the finish line.

Given the shortness of the route, the attacks on the women’s platoon did not take long to appear and although the escape attempts were constant, the advantage that the adventurers achieved did not exceed 30 seconds, so the platoon, at will, shot down each attempt. .

Passing the second ascent of the day and after conjuring the last accelerations, the peloton arrived compact and everything was defined to the packaging; at full speed, with victory for Karen Villamizar, followed closely by Carolina Vargas and the leader of the general, Camila Atahualpa.

With two stages to go, Atahualpa leads with a 40-second lead over Jesenia Meneses, her closest pursuer, while Karen Villamizar herself is third at 48 seconds.

As for the third stage of the Vuelta del Porvenir, it was held on the same route and although the initial process of the stage made one think that everything would be defined by the packaging, at the end Hugo Rodríguez attacked and left the other sprinters with no option, winning with several meters of income, while Carlos Castro was second and David Hoyos closed the podium.

Jaider Muñoz maintained the lead in the general classification for one more day, with an advantage of 19 seconds over Juan Guillermo Martínez and 55 over Julián Barreto, third on the podium of the most comprehensive of the Vuelta al Porvenir.

Classification Stage 3 (Women’s Tour)

1. Karen Villamizar (WCargo HF) – 1h:54m:36s

2. Carolina Vargas (CM Team) at 1s

3. Camila Atahualpa (GW Credit System) at 1s

4. Sara Juliana Moreno (Colombia Land of Athletes) at 6s

5. Jesenia Meneses (Colombia Land of Athletes) at 7s

General Classification (Women’s Tour)

1. Camila Atahualpa (GW Credit System) – 5h: 29m: 50s

2. Jesenia Meneses (Colombia Land of Athletes) at 40s

3. Karen Villamizar (WCargo HF) at 48s

4. Luisa Hernández (Merquimia) at 51s

5. Carolina Vargas (CM Team) at 59s

Classification Stage 3 (Vuelta del Porvenir)

1. Hugo Rodríguez (Risaralda Caste of Champions) at 1h:38m:45s

2. Carlos Castro (Road Engineering) at 5s

3. David Hoyos (GW Credit System) at 6s

4. William Colorado (Colombian Talents) at 6s

5. Jaider Muñoz (GW Credit System) at 6s

General Classification (Vuelta del Porvenir)

1. Jaider Muñoz (GW Credit System) at 4h:44m:58s

2. Juan Guillermo Martínez (Indeportes Boyacá Avanza) at 19s

3. Julián Barreto (Government of Cundinamarca) at 55s

4. Mauricio Zapata (Ithaca) at 1m:09s

5. Camilo Álvarez (Road Engineering) at 1m:18s