GUATEMALA CITY. The national cycling party is coming! Meet the 13 national teams that will participate and seek prominence throughout the 59th Cycling Tour of Guatemala 2019.

There will be 105 cyclists representing 6 countries. For Guatemala, 5 departmental teams, 5 departmental associations and 3 capital teams will compete.

On this occasion, the departments that will be represented in the Tour are: Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Baja Verapaz, Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango, Sololá, San Marcos, Quiché and Guatemala.

Here we present the name of the teams and that of the cyclists that make them up:


CYL Salamá Pollo Express Workshop and Distributor

Cosami Teo Totonicapán

Rennet moon

Team Australian Socatepéquez

Departmental Associations:

ADDC of Chinaltenango – Comayma – Linaflor

Sololá Intercop Cycling Association

Quetzaltenango Cycling Leader Bike Association

San Marcos Acredicom RL Cycling Association

Quiché Cycling Association

Capital teams:

Deluxe optics

Hino – Onew- La Red – Tigo – Eurobikes

Guatemalan Army

Foreigners of the 59th Cycling Tour of Guatemala

The national cycling party will also feature 6 teams from abroad, from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States and Colombia. In this way they are conformed:

Team HYF Sportswear – Herrera Foundation (COL)

Team Ediciones Mar de Ciclismo Colombia

Dicafriem (MEX)

Hurry (BOL)

Gateway Devo Cycling (USA)

National Team of Peru