The Swiss cyclist Elena Hartman, from the Roland team, won the prologue of the Vuelta a El Salvador, which took place this Friday night, in a circuit inside the Historic Center of San Salvador. He did it with a time of 3:24 in the time trial and won the applause of all the attendees.

The only first-class squad in the Tour a El Salvador set the pace in the 2.5-kilometer prologue, setting the best reference time from the start of the day with Russia’s Tamara Dronova and her time of 3 minutes, 28 seconds and 60 hundredths, which kept her in the hot seat until the end of the race, at which point she was overtaken by teammate Elena Hartmann (Roland) by four seconds.

Although the World Tour riders matched favoritism, Canadian U23 rider Kiara Lylyk (Boneshaker p/b Orangeseal) was the revelation of the day, taking second place by 390 thousandths of a second.

Hartman, who in the previous days had won the Grand Prix Presidente, received the yellow jersey that accredits her as leader of the Tour El Salvador 2024, which shows the excellent sporting form with which she has arrived in Central America.

This Saturday the first stage will be disputed. It will be a total of 106 kilometers, starting at the boardwalk of Surf City and ending in Nahuizalco, through the tunnels and passing through the Ruta de las Flores.

    Overall leader: Elena Hartmann – Roland

    Leader of the points classification: Tamara Dronova – Roland

    Best Talent: Kiara Lylyk – Boneshaker p/b Orangeseal

    Combativity: Iris Bolaños – Maca Electrolit