The Secretary of State for Sports of the Argentine province of San Juan, Jorge Chica, gave a series of definitions regarding the events that were already planned and that the change of government after December 10 forces to rearrange the schedule of events that will be they had planned: the Vuelta a San Juan is one of them.

Jorge “Coqui” Chica said this morning at the Too Much Information microphones, on Radio Sarmiento, that there is time until September to register the event with the International Cycling Union for it to take place.

“It has a registration time, surely there are situations that the new government must whitewash. It’s not me who should define it. We ask that they give us time to register, otherwise the category in the international calendar is lost,” said the official.

Regarding upcoming events, Chica said that the U19 volleyball world championship, from August 2 to 11, and the Six Days, scheduled for November, are still going on so far, but she clarified that these are private events. “Yesterday we spoke with them and it is on the right track, although there are still situations to be resolved,” he acknowledged and clarified that his area only accompanies the organization, but is not a sponsor.

Officially ruled out is the South American qualifying match that was expected to arrive in November at the Bicentennial stadium (which had not been confirmed, but was a firm possibility) and the Superbike, which was agreed from October 13 to 15 at the San Juan International Circuit. Juan Villicum.

Source: Diary of Cuyo