Cycling, beyond what happens on the asphalt, has become a technological race in recent times. From disc brakes to bicycles manufactured by 3D printers that break the hour record, through tubeless, tires that can reduce or increase their own pressure on the fly, telescopic seat posts… that is, endless advances that in the professional elite they are already the order of the day. However, there are still things that remain to be seen…

Just when we thought we had seen it all in terms of helmets, with technologies that help prevent traumatic brain injuries and time trial models in the purest Star Wars style (Specialized model without straps that improves air flow), now we have a new turning point. Kask, a brand specialized in helmets and supplier of Ineos equipment, has launched a new aerodynamic model for road tests that we have never seen before.

As Ineos has shown during its preseason recording day, its new helmet covers the upper area of the rider’s ears, which generates an aerodynamic advantage by favoring the flow of air at that point, which is integrated as a single element. . This model is not yet on the market, but anyone who wants to obtain it will surely have to dig deep into their pockets.

Last year, Kask already marketed the most expensive helmet with its ‘Element WG11’ model, which reaches 375 euros due to its carbon fiber plates and 3D printed padding. Will this subtle novelty set a trend?

Source: AS Ciclismo