On Saturday, January 25, the second convention of leaders of the South American Cycling Union (U.S.C.) will be held in the “Cruce de los Andes” Hall of the Civic Center of the capital city of San Juan, Argentina. The event will be attended by the main continental cycling authorities, in addition to the presence of representatives of the International Cycling Union (U.C.I), cycling leaders from 13 countries and provincial authorities. 

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Aruba, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname, Ecuador and Panama will have their representatives at this important annual meeting that, among other topics, will address the regional calendar for road and track cycling, MTB and BMX. 

Among the leaders of the international level, José Manuel Peláez (Vice President of the UCI and President of the Pan American Cycling Confederation) and Pascale Schyns, counselor of the UCI for America, in addition to the presidents and / or representatives of each Federation and confederation of the participating countries. 

In addition to the leadership of each federation of the participating countries, the main provincial authorities headed by the Governor of the province, Dr. Sergio Uñac (Honorary President of the UNC) and the Secretary of Sports of Jorge Chica province, among others.