The XLIII edition of the International Cycling Tour of Chiriquí will be officially run between January 8 and 14, 2024, an event for which 16 teams have confirmed so far, of which eight foreign squads and six local teams.

In total, 729.8 kilometers will be covered over seven stages, which include a team time trial, one on flat terrain, three mountain days and two closed circuits. Parque Cervantes will resume its role as the epicenter for the closing of this outstanding event.

The platoon will be made up of the Costa Rican teams, Colono Bikestation, 7C Economy Lacoinex, Ciclo Café and Carithos; Esparza Training from Mexico; Inteja from the Dominican Republic; Río Grande from the United States and Team H and F from Colombia.

In the Costa Rican ranks is Sergio Arias (Colono Bikestation), who placed third in the overall individual classification in his Tour of the Country, which ended on December 25. Likewise, Gabriel Rojas (7C Economy Lacoinex), winner of the last stage of that competition, both start as favorites in this contest.

Panama es Cultura y Valores, Rali Giant, Caminos de Omar, Rali Yajois, Revolution Cycling Team and Descarados Cycling Club will take the start for our country.

For our “S” lying down, the Panama is Culture and Values team will seek to be an entertainer with its main figures such as Franklin Archibold, Bolívar Espinosa and Christofer Jurado, despite the fact that once qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was achieved, its runners lowered their loads.

Other letters to highlight are the cyclists Carlos Samudio and Roberto González from the Rali Giant team, who also start the season in this event, and then travel to Europe.

Traditionally the Vuelta a Chiriquí is held in the month of November; However, due to the situations (protests and street closures) that were recorded this year for that date, it had to undergo a drastic change, moving to the 2023 version for this month of January.


1.- Team time trial in David. (12.60 kilometers).

2.- Closed Circuit in David. (96.60 kilometers).

3.- David-Progreso-Los Anastacios San Pablo-David. (146 kilometers).

4.- David-Cuesta de Piedra-Santa Rita-Potrerillos-David. (99 kilometers).

5.- David-La Concepción-San Pablo-La Chancleta-David. (132 kilometers).

6.- David-San Lorenzo-Los Planes-Las Lomas. (153 kilometers).

7.-Closed Circuit in Parque Cervantes in David. (90 kilometers).