Before a large number of state, national and regional media, the press conference was officially held with a view to the 58th edition of the Tour of Táchira by Bicycle, an event that will be held between January 15 and 22 between the states Táchira, Mérida, and the North of Santander of Colombia.

The activity took place in the main hall of the Hotel Castillo de la Fantasía, with the presence of the state authorities, headed by the Secretary General of the Government, Geovant Huérfano; first lady Karem de Bernal; the commander of the ZODI Táchira and head of security for the Vuelta, Division General José Gregorio Martínez; César Torrealba representative of the National Institute of Depote; the general coordinator of the Tour of Táchira by Bicycle and president of the Tachirense Sports Institute José Gregorio Freites and Rubén Osorio, general director of the race and president of the Tachirense Cycling Association.

Tribute to the Rujano condor

At the beginning of the press conference, an audiovisual production tribute was paid to José Rujano, the only four-time champion of the Tour of Táchira by Bicycle and whoever could, in this 2023 version of the Andean tour, be equaled by Roniel Campos, current three-time champion.

In video, the already retired condor sent a greeting to the organizing committee and assured that he hopes to accompany them in the race. “I thank the Ministry of Sports, the State Government headed by Governor Freddy Bernal, and the organizing committee of the Vuelta for the recognition. Those who know me know that I have always enjoyed the Andean twist and being a four-time champion is an honor for me. See you in the Vuelta”.

News: binational stage and women’s Classic

After the tribute, the words were for the Secretary General of the Government, Geovant Huérfano, who congratulated all the actors of the Vuelta and assured that a great race is coming, which will include as great novelties the binational stage that was achieved with great work in between the two nations, as well as the Women’s Classic of the Vuelta scheduled for January 22, which will serve to support the girls and which will be the starting point for, very soon, the women’s Vuelta al Táchira.

A job that pays off

In his words, Rubén Osorio, president of the ATC, assured that a great job has been done together with the Ministry of Sports, the State Government, the IDT headed by José Freites and the ATC.

“Highlighting the great work that was done in 2022 and therefore the support of many brands for this one. Highlight the great work done by the IDT, the Ministry and the Government, as well as announce the presence of more than 130 runners with 22 national teams and five international teams such as Corratec and Saavedra from Colombia, Fernando Barceló from Spain, GW Shimano Italian Colombian Sidermec and the Ecuadorian Movistar Best PC”.

A big party

Finally, José Freites, on behalf of the entire Vuelta organizing committee, invited the fans to join with joy as of this Sunday, January 15, the date on which the race will begin with the Metropolitan circuit between Táriba and San Cristóbal. “It will be eight very exciting days between Táchira, Mérida, Norte de Santander, and of course the end with the circuit that arrives at the legendary JJ Mora Velodrome. We hope that the cycling fans, who we know are many, will accompany us from start to finish”.

Source: Vuelta al Táchira Press