A few months ago, the International Cycling Union announced the opening of a round table to address the problem of transgender cyclists participating in women’s competitions, a growing trend on all continents.

Following the line set by athletics and after listening to all the parties involved, as well as scientists and experts, the highest cycling body has established a new regulation for this type of competitor.

In an extraordinary committee of the International Cycling Union, held on July 5, it was agreed to adapt the current regulations to regulate the participation of transgender cyclists in international competitions belonging to their calendar.

The decision is made after a series of round tables and seminars in which trans and cis cyclists, scientists, experts in human rights and sports legislation, as well as other sports institutions, took part.

As could be expected, the UCI has followed a similar line to the one implemented by athletics months ago, that is, in international competitions, those athletes who have made their transition to women after puberty will be prohibited from participating.

In events classified by the UCI as Master, including the Gran Fondo World Series, Gravel World Series and their respective World Championships, as well as the World Championship in Master categories, the men’s category will be renamed Men/Open, in which those cyclists who do not meet the conditions to participate in women’s events may participate without any type of restriction.

The UCI has opted for this regulation after not being able to guarantee, with the existing scientific studies, that the current hormonal therapies that reduce testosterone levels below 2.5 mmol/L are sufficient to reverse the benefits obtained by triggering the testosterone production during puberty.

This new regulation will enter into force in all competitions as of July 17 and in them the door is left open to future modifications based on new scientific evidence that could be produced. In fact, the UCI will start talks with other sports to promote research on the matter in order to achieve the fairest possible regulation.

Following the approval of this regulatory framework, UCI President David Lappartient stated “We would like to reaffirm that cycling, as a competitive sport, is open to everyone, including transgender athletes. We would like to reaffirm that the UCI respects the individual decision to choose the sex that corresponds to each individual’s gender identity.

“But we also have an obligation to guarantee equal opportunities for all competitors and current scientific knowledge does not guarantee that equality between transgender athletes and female participants. As a preventive measure, it is not possible to authorize them to be part of the women’s events,” said the head of the UCI.

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