After undergoing changes to the calendar due to covid-19 in 2021, this year the Tour of Tolima will be held on the usual dates. The women’s and men’s races will have a total of five stages.

From March 2 and until the 6 of the same month, the Vuelta al Tolima will be held, in continuity with the national route calendar of the Colombian Cycling Federation.

The race will be held for both men and women, and will have a total of five stages. In the women’s edition, the first stage will go from El Espinal to Chaparral (108 km), while the second will start from El Espinal to San Bernardo (63 km). The route between Ibagué and Mariquita (128 kms.) will be the third fraction, while the fourth will start from Mariquita and go to Murillo, about 63 kilometers away. The last stage will be a circuit in El Espinal (50 kms.).

In turn, the men’s race will also have five stages, with more mileage than the women’s competition. Everything will start in Ibagué, up to Chaparral (160 kms.), while the second stage will start from Chaparral to San Bernardo (166 kms.) and the third stage will go from Ibagué to Mariquita (128 kms.). The fourth fraction will have 108 kilometers between Honda and Murillo, while everything will end in a circuit in El Espinal, about 80 kilometers away.

Among the figures of the women’s race will be Serika Gulumá (CM Team Aguardiente Néctar), Elizabeth Castaño (Colombia Land of Athletes), Lorena Colmenares (Colombia Land of Athletes), Ana Cristina Sanabria (Colombia Land of Athletes), Camila Valbuena (Colombia Land of Athletes), among others.

Meanwhile, the men’s lot will have Jeison Rincón (Manizales City Hall Supergiros), current champion of the race, Bernardo Suaza (Manizales City Hall Supergiros), Darwin Atapuma (Colombia Land of Athletes), Omar Mendoza (Colombia Land of Athletes), Oscar Quiroz (Colombia Land of Athletes), Rodrigo Contreras (EPM – Scott), Oscar Sevilla (Team Medellín), Javier Jamaica (Team Medellín), Johan Colón (Orgullo Paisa), among other figures.