Only 17 days remain for the 2023 Tour of Táchira by bicycle, an event that has raised the expectation of national and international cycling fans, as it is scheduled to be held from January 15 to 22.

Recently, after the request for equipment and communicators before the long transfer between the cities of Barinas and Mérida, it was agreed between the Ministry of Sports, the State Government and the Tachirense Sports Institute, the specific change in two of the stages of the border gala.

The race that initially went to Barinas for two of the days, will now take place on the Tachirense plain to then go to the city of Mérida and return to the mythical mountain stages with the novelty of the Cúcuta circuit and, of course, the Santos Rafael Bermúdez Circuit to put the icing on the cake of the 2023 Andean tour

The reason for the change in the route?

In the words of José Gregorio Freites, president of the IDT and general coordinator of the race, the change is generated from the long transfer of the caravan that was between Barinas and Mérida, in addition to some sections affected in that transit as a result of the winter in the Return to the Merida entity through the páramo.

What is wanted is that there are fewer transfers for the multicolored caravan and especially for the protagonists who are the cyclists, for this reason, the absence of the day in Barinas that entailed the transfer to Mérida with more than 5 hours of travel.

“The executed change is made to improve the comfort of competing teams. With this, the route is final, which will have many emotions in San Cristóbal and in others in a large number of municipalities in our state, including the three queen stages and, of course, the special visit to the city of Mérida”.

A colorful tour

In short, of the 8 sections they will be: 3 on a flat course for the enjoyment of sprinters, 2 with medium mountains including the circuits of Mérida and San Cristóbal, and 3 on very high mountains towards the mythical ports of La Grita, Casa del Padre, Hill of Christ of Capacho

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