The Women´s Tour of Colombia 2021, approved in the calendar of the International Cycling Union (UCI) begins this Tuesday with the presence of 170 riders, of them 37 foreigners, who will seek the crown until Sunday, October 3.

The UCI 2.2 category race will have a large participation with 31 teams and the defending champion, the Ecuadorian Miryam Núñez, who confirmed her desire to return to the top of the podium in a previous press conference, where it was reported that on the list of There are 82 elite runners registered, 75 in the sub-23 category and 13 juniors.

Another prominent name to be followed in the coming days will be the Swiss Doris Schweizer, leader of Team Illuminate, a team that will also have on its payroll the American Annick Chalier, the Canadian Helena Coney, the Japanese Shoko Kashiki and the Israeli Shani Berger.

From our continent the focus of attention will fall on the Chilean Aranza Villalón (2019 monarch), at the head of the Avinal Carmen de Viboral club; Costa Rican María Vargas commanding the Go Rigo Go CR team; the Mexican Anet Barrera with the Pato Bike; the Venezuelan Katiuska García will lead the Venezuelan team and the Ecuadorian Leslye Ojeda with Team Pichincha of Ecuador.

The sixth edition of the Colombian round, which will have six stages, will begin in the city of Villavicencio and will end with a circuit in the capital, Bogotá. The first day is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 28, with a fraction of 85.3 kilometers between Parque Fundadores de Villavicencio and Alto de Menegua, in Puerto López.

Tour of the Women’s Tour of Colombia 2021

1st. Stage Tuesday, September 28

85.3km Villavicencio-Puerto López

2nd. Stage Wednesday September 29

119.1km Villavicencio-Outskirts

3rd. Stage Thursday September 30

CRI 24.3km Castilla La Nueva-Acacías

4th. Stage Friday October 1

117.1km Circuit in Villavicencio (10 laps) -Alto de Buenavista

5th. Stage Saturday October 2

90.2km Restrepo-Chipaque

6th. Stage Sunday October 3

88.2km Bogotá Circuit (7 laps) -National Park

Last winners of the return to Colombia

2020: Miryam Nuñez

2019: Aranza Villalón

2018: Ana Cristina Sanabria

2017: Ana Cristina Sanabria

2016: Ana Cristina Sanabria