In an exhausting day, the longest of the 72nd edition of the Tour of Colombia, Juan Pablo Sossa (Team Boyacá Avanza) won the duel against the Guatemalans and won the sixth stage, which included a total route of 202.6 kilometers starting in Rionegro and ending in La Dorada.

The youth from Boyacá entered the finish line in first place after beating Guatemalans José Canastuj (Alcaldía La Vega 4WD-Deluxe) and Alex Rony Julajuj (Alcaldía La Vega 4WD-Deluxe) in the sprint of five runners, who made the second and third Market Stall. However, Cristián David Rico (Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano) entered with the pack and maintained the lead of the race.

The peloton had a short break from the rain and the mountains, as they crossed the Ruta del Sol, a recognized highway with flat terrain. There were two second category ports and three flying goals.

The hot day began with a prolonged descent at a very good speed, used by eight runners to venture to escape: Wilson Haro (Team Banco Guayaquil), Brayan Sanchéz (Team Medellín EPM), Santiago Montenegro (Movistar-Best PC), Edgar Cadena (Canel’s ZeroUno Mavic), Didier Chaparro (SuperGiros Alcaldía de Manizales), David Santiago Gómez (Sistecrédito GW), Jahir Pérez (Fundecom-Multirepuestos) and Edison Callejas (Fundecom-Multirepuestos), but after halfway through the route they were captured.

The lot kept the race under control, but in the last kilometers on flat terrain the main group was surprised by Darwin Atapuma (Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano), Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín EPM), Jhon Anderson Rodríguez (EPM Scott – GO RIGO GO), Didier Chaparro (SuperGiros Mayor’s Office of Manizales), Julián Cardona (Sistecrédito-GW), Alex Rony Julajuj (Mayor’s Office La Vega 4WD-Deluxe) José Canastuj (Mayor’s Office La Vega 4WD-Deluxe), Alexander Gil (Orgullo Paisa), Javier Jamaica (Team Medellín) and Juan Pablo Sossa (Team Boyacá Avanza), who managed to open a gap.

With EBSA at the top of the peloton setting the pace, the breakaways kept the difference, giving hope to the breakaway of playing for victory. At the end of the stage, there were multiple attacks and five of the escapees took the lead, in which Juan Pablo Sossa from Boyacá was the fastest to take the victory, the second of the season after the one achieved in the Vuelta de la Youth 2022.

Sossa’s effort and intelligence were recognized by the large audience that gathered at La Dorada.

This Thursday the seventh stage of the Colombian round will take place, which will take place between Mariquita and Alto del Vino, a mountainous route of 140.4 kilometers with several slopes and a high finish. In total there will be 10 days of competition until June 12 with a total distance of 1,427 kilometers.

Who are the last 10 champions of the Vuelta a Colombia?

    Jose Tito Hernandez (2021).

    Diego Camargo (2020).

    Fabio Duarte (2019).

    Jonathan Caicedo (2018).

    Aristobulo Cala (2017).

    Mauricio Ortega (2016).

    Oscar Seville (2015).

    Oscar Seville (2014).

    Oscar Seville (2013).

    Felix Cardenas (2012).

    Felix Cardenas (2011).

    Sergio Luis Henao (2010).