The International Cycling Union has made public the results of the controls against technological doping carried out during the 21 stages of the 2023 Tour de France. In total, 997 were carried out and all were negative.

In 2023 we have experienced one of the best editions of the Tour de France in recent decades and the impressive demonstrations by Vingegaard and Pogacar even removed the omnipresent specters of doping. In this regard, the UCI has already ruled saying that it was practically that the winner was doped and now it is also making public the results of its controls on the bicycles.

These checks are focused on looking for hidden mechanical assistance devices on the bikes and have been carried out at each stage using portable scanners at the start and end of each stage. (Here you can see how they are made in the XC World Cup). The bikes of the stage winner, the leader of the classification and 6 other random cyclists were scanned every day at the finish line.

“The large number of tests carried out at the 2023 Tour de France as part of our technology fraud detection program sends a very clear message to riders and the public: it is impossible to use a concealed powertrain on a bike without being exposed.” .

“To ensure the equality of cycling competitions and protect the integrity of the sport and its athletes, we will continue to implement our screening program and develop it further.” Explained the general director of the UCI, Amina Lanaya.

The result was 837 tests before and 160 after the stages and all of them negative. There was no technological doping, says the UCI.