The Argentine Federation of Track and Road Cycling (FACPyR) resolved to sanction the Mendocina Cycling Association with two years, as a result of the events that occurred in the last Argentine Championship held in Mendoza.

On the last weekend of March 2023, Mendoza hosted the Argentino de Ruta and the elite peloton event ended in a national scandal, when two Argentine champions were crowned after various failures on the route, with the Mendocina Cycling Association being the main target in organizer character.

On Monday night, the FACPyR communicated the sanction that the Disciplinary Court of the mother entity of Argentine cycling took with the Mendocina Cycling Association, chaired by Fernando Lanzone, after the events that occurred in the last Argentine Road Cycling Championship.

The sanction indicates that the ACM is responsible for the events caused during the development of the elite road competition. In addition, it suspended the Mendocina Cycling Association from organizing and/or supervising cycling events within its jurisdiction for a period of two years.

As resolved by the FACPyR, there will be no local track and road calendar in Mendoza for two years, which will clearly have a full impact on the Vuelta de Mendoza.

The events that led to this harsh sanction occurred at the close of the national event, where the runners had to cover a 200-kilometer route, on a route between Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, Godoy Cruz, Las Heras and Parque General San Martín .

But not everything ended as expected, since two Argentine champions ended up being crowned by decision of the race commissioners, after an impromptu decision to have to cut the route at the end, not having the guarantees previously established by of the Mendocina Cycling Association (traffic was released in some sectors), to safeguard the physical integrity of cyclists.

In a scandalous ending, where everything was confusion and by cutting the route, the cyclists took different paths within the Park, the commissioners determined that there would be two Argentine champions in the elite peloton event.

Mendoza’s Alejandro Durán, who completed the complete route, was one of the winners of the Argentino de Ruta 2023. The second champion was Sergio Fredes (Regional La Plata) from Buenos Aires, who had complied with the orders of the commissioners and went to the goal of Arrival with Juan Pablo Dotti (Acinproba) from Bolivar and Leonardo Cobarrubia (Mendocina) from San Juan.